The father of all the Occult Sciences is the Astrology. We can know all the major happenings/events of our life through this destiny science. We require date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of a person for making horoscope/astro reading.

We provide the following services related with horoscope :

  •  Horoscope Making
  •  Detailed and accurate predictions with their remedial measures.
  •  Prediction for various astrological yogas.
  •  Calculations on the basis of specific question.
  •  Annual Prediction.
  •  Calculation of Fortunate and Unfortunate Period of Life.
  •  Matrimonial Matchmaking.
  •  Business Partnerships
  •  Muhurats for special purposes and day to day activities.
  •  Calculation of MangalDosha, KalsarpDosha, Pitra Dosh etc and their easy remedies.
  •  Past Life Debts and their remedies
  •  Career Guidance
  •  Birth time rectification

We also provide special counselling to the persons who are mentally disturbed, in depression, facing major health problems, students not performing well in life, having behavioral problems, alcohol addictions etc.

About SIVS
SIVS is a pioneer professional institution, which gives technical and specialized training in the field of Building and Destiny Sciences. The Scientific, practical and logical training is the core strength of our institute.