Professional Course In Palmistry

Reveal the potential and possibilities of an individual, learn to read the language of our subconscious mind through our handsIntroduction (history & relevance).

  • Thumb ( size and shape)
  • Fingers( length & shape)
  • Mounts of hand (location & characteristics)
  • Shape & Size of hands( texture, flexibility, hairs)
  • Nails( colour, size, shape, patterns)
  • Fingerprints ( patterns)
  • Various signs on our hand
  • Life Line
  • Mind Line
  • Heart Line
  • Fate Line
  • Sun Line
  • Line of affection(marriage line)
  • Health Line
  • Minor Lines( Line of Mars, Travel lines, Children lines, Lines of influence)
  • Rare Lines
  • Combination of various signs for ( Ailments, Professions, Property, Relationship) etc.
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