Professional Course In Palmistry

“Facial Expressions Can Deceive Behaviour Can Be Modified Words Can Be Untrue But Hands Don’t Lie”

Reveal the potential and possibilities of an individual, learn to read the language of our subconscious mind through our hands.

  • Introduction (history & relevance)
  • Thumb ( size and shape)
  • Fingers( length & shape)
  • Mounts of hand (location & characteristics)
  • Shape & Size of hands( texture, flexibility, hairs )
  • Nails( colour, size, shape, patterns)
  • Fingerprints ( patterns)
  • Various signs on our hand
  • Life Line
  • Mind Line
  • Heart Line
  • Fate Line
  • Sun Line
  • Line of affection(marriage line)
  • Health Line
  • Minor Lines( Line of Mars, Travel lines, Children lines, Lines of influence)
  • Rare Lines
  • Combination of various signs for ( Ailments, Professions, Property, Relationship) etc.